CIT Program

“At first, the idea of transitioning from a camper to counselor seemed frightening, but my time spent as a CIT prepared me with the skills I needed to not only be a counselor, but also to be myself and a leader in running camp.” – Noah, age 18

Being a counselor-in-training is one of the best summers at Wilshire Boulevard Temple Camps. If you are a junior in high school, you can apply to be a counselor-in-training (CIT). For eight weeks, a CIT creates relationships with fellow CITs as they learn about being a counselor, programming, leadership skills, and the operations of camp. CITs spend more time together as a CIT group in the beginning of camp as they go through training, and less time with campers. As the summer progresses, they become more secure about working with campers and so they spend less time with fellow CITs and more time with campers. For CITs as a group and as individuals, the summer is an evolution from camper to staff. Entrance into this program is very competitive and based on a completed application submitted by the deadline, a personal interview, history at camp, and letters of recommendations.

The CIT program is a full eight-week program that runs concurrently at both Camp Hess Kramer and Gindling Hilltop Camp. If you are admitted into our program, the expectation is that you will be at camp for the entirety of the program.

To apply to be counselor-in-training for the summer, you must complete the following three steps prior to the December 5th deadline. Your application will not be considered unless all three steps are complete.

  1. Your parent/guardian must fill out the Camper Application.
  2. Your parent/guardian must upload your photo in the Forms/Documents section of their account.
  3. Once your parent/guardian submits the camper application, they will need to log you in to their CampMinder account, where you must fill out a separate CIT Application online.

Feel free to contact Jonah Phillips, Assistant Director, with any questions or concerns at (213)-835-2189 or