Chug 1 and Chug 2 - Elective activities that the campers will get to choose.

Cabin Activities - Activities run by staff members for small, age-based groups.

Siyum - Closing songs which will close each day and will be led by various song leaders from the community.

Chug Katan - Jewish learning electives led by Rabbi Eshel and other Jewish educators. Evening Programs - 45-60 minute programs run by staff for all of the campers in a session.

Shabbat Prep - A time for campers to learn the songs and dances that we will do together on Friday evenings or do a Shabbat-themed activity.

Free Choice Live - A time for the directors and Rabbi Eshel to share camp news with the community on Facebook and Instagram.

Havdalah - A time for all of camp to say goodbye to Shabbat and welcome in a new week together.

All Camp 5K - Everyone will do a 5K at the same time! You can walk, run, bike, whatever you want! Directors will go live on Instagram and let people call in while they are doing the 5K.

Campfire - Campers will submit videos of their talents throughout the summer which will be edited together into a campfire presentation.